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On this page you will discover everything about Lana Skyn: our passion, our vision and the dedicated team that stands behind our brand. Learn more about the drivers that inspire us every day, the vision that guides us, and the expert professionals who deliver on our promise of quality and luxury in beauty care. This is your chance to dive deeper into the world of Lana Skyn and understand why we do what we do.

Beauty Salon
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Lana's Story

Every great story starts with an idea.

Hello, I'm Lana, owner of Lana Skyn, a beauty salon in Amsterdam. My passion for beauty and the human body started when I was a young girl. I was always interested in the ingredients of my food and the cosmetics I used. This passion led me to open my first business after college, a tattoo parlor in Amsterdam, which now hosts seven talented tattoo artists every month. Here I learned not only about skin and aesthetics, but also about business and marketing. At the same time, I continued to pursue my biggest hobby: making my own scrubs, lip balms, soaps and creams, which were loved by friends and family.

Three years later, with an increased knowledge, I opened my second business: Lana Skyn. Here we focus on high-quality, luxurious beauty products and treatments. I strive to ensure that every treatment is of the highest level and tailor-made for each client. Our products are top quality, vegan, and composed of the best oils and ingredients for every skin type.

Our mission at Lana Skyn is to provide the best beauty treatments combined with superior skin care. Your needs are at the heart of every consultation with our highly trained team, who offer expert advice and realistic results for your skin type. Welcome to the world of Lana Skyn, where beauty and care go hand in hand.

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At Lana Skyn we believe in the power of luxury combined with accessibility. Our services, ranging from advanced laser treatments to personalized skin care solutions, are carefully designed to provide quality and sophistication at prices that are within reach.

We stand for elegance and exclusivity, but we think it is just as important that these experiences are accessible to everyone who values beauty and well-being. At Lana Skyn, luxury is not just a privilege; it is an experience we are proud to make available to our diverse customer base.


Luxury for everyone

Accessibility is central to Lana Skyn, making exclusive beauty care accessible to everyone.

Products with care

At Lana Skyn we carefully select each product, combining our commitment to quality and attention to detail to ensure an unparalleled beauty experience.


innovative, personalized and rejuvenating beauty solutions for everyone.

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Expertise comes first

At Lana Skyn in Amsterdam we have consciously chosen a select range of specialized aesthetic treatments, with the aim of delivering exceptional quality and expertise in every service we offer. In our luxurious clinic we create an atmosphere of serenity and exclusivity, where every client receives personal attention and care.

Our offering consists of carefully selected, advanced injectables, including: botoxlip fillers and fillers. These are expertly administered by our team of experienced specialists, who carefully select each product to enhance your unique beauty. We strive for artistic precision and attention to detail to achieve optimal results.

In addition to these injectables, we offer top-class laser treatments for both hair and tattoo removal, using state-of-the-art equipment. Our highly trained specialists provide an effective, nearly painless experience so you can enjoy smooth skin free of unwanted hair or tattoos.

Expertise comes first

Our body shaping treatments are designed to transform your body. Whether you want a more contoured shape or want to tackle stubborn cellulite, our team uses innovative techniques to achieve your physical goals. We also offer Cryolipolysis (fat freezing)Lemon Bottle fat dissolving and carbon peeling with which we offer the latest innovations in beauty care to our clients.

Lana Skyn is all about the luxury of limited choices, where we guide you on a transformative beauty journey. Trust our expertise, enjoy our exclusive treatments and experience the luxury of being cared for by true specialists.

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