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Discover the art of beauty and self-confidence with Lana Skyn, the leading specialist in Amsterdam, known for our expertise in lip fillers and more. Although we are known for our high-quality lip filler treatments, our range is versatile and exclusively selected to meet various aesthetic needs.

At Lana Skyn we go further than just lip fillers. We understand that true beauty is both an outer and inner experience. That is why we offer specialized treatments such as nasolabial fold fillers for a refined appearance, marionette lines correction to restore harmony to the face, jawline fillers for a tight jawline, cheekbone fillers for prominent contours, a subtle nose job without surgery and chin correction for a balanced face shape.

Every treatment at Lana Skyn is carefully designed to not only improve your appearance, but also boost your self-confidence. Our goal is to provide a personal and exclusive experience that goes beyond your expectations.

To learn more about our specialized offerings and how we can help you achieve your beauty goals, we invite you to look beyond our lip filler treatments. Discover our exclusive range of aesthetic services designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Lip Fillers Amsterdam
Lip Fillers Amsterdam Lana Skyn


At Lana Skyn in Amsterdam we understand how important it is to maintain a harmonious and youthful appearance. Our nasolabial fold fillers are specially designed to achieve this goal. This treatment targets the lines that extend from the sides of the nose to the corners of your mouth, often one of the first signs of aging.

Visit Lana Skyn in Amsterdam for your nasolabial fold filler treatment and experience a more youthful, fresher appearance that emphasizes your natural beauty. Your satisfaction and trust are our greatest reward.

Price from: €175,-

Price for new bookings from:€99,-

Marionette Lines Correction and Lip Enlargement

At Lana Skyn, located in Amsterdam, we offer a comprehensive package of beauty treatments, including two of our most requested services: Marionette Line Correction and Lip Enlargement. Each of these treatments is designed to contribute to your beauty and self-confidence in a unique way.

Our Marionette Lines Correction treatment aims to reduce the visibility of the lines that run from the corners of the mouth to the chin. These lines can often give a tired or outdated appearance. By using specialized fillers, we help soften these lines, giving your face a fresher and more youthful appearance. This subtle change can make a big difference in how you feel and are perceived.

For those who dream of fuller and more defined lips, we offer the Lip Enlargement treatment. This procedure is intended to accentuate your lips in a natural and elegant way, resulting in a more beautiful and balanced facial profile. Whether you want a subtle improvement or a more dramatic change, our experienced specialists will work closely with you to achieve the results you want.

Lana Skyn schoonheidssalon Amsterdam
Lightsheer diode laser Amsterdam
Laser Amsterdam Lana Skyn

At Lana Skyn in Amsterdam we are committed to providing the best beauty treatments, including lip fillers, marionette lines correction and nasolabial fold fillers. Our goal is to help you achieve your beauty ideals with treatments that are both refined and effective.

Whether you want to enlarge your lips or minimize the signs of aging, our expert specialists are here to help. Discover Lana Skyn's exceptional care and expertise for yourself.

Contact us for a free consultation and let us guide you on your journey to beauty and self-confidence at Lana Skyn in Amsterdam.


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